Extras: Guided Tours, Hiking Trails, Dialog

There is a wide variety of ways to move through your days at the festival: wholly dedicating yourself to your personal interests, moving district by distract, attending performances based on genre or following recommendations.
We have developed formats that suggest geographical and thematic trips through the schedule of programming in myriad ways. The festival’s schedule of programming is augmented by events and formats that provide a context for the programming and invite you to discover, encounter and conduct intensive exchange - completely based on your needs and desires. 

Guided Tours Through the 2017 Performing Arts Festival

Members of Berlin’s independent performing arts community become guides during the festival who select their very own personal highlights from the broad array of festival programming and invite audience members to set off with them on a journey of discovery throughout the festival. Directly to the tours


“Hiking Trails” Through the Festival

Anyone looking to explore the festival’s schedule of programming on their own can take inspiration from our “hiking trails” to set out on their own and move through the programming based on thematic and geographic aspects. Directly to the “Hiking Trails”


Introducing – Platform for Newcomers

Introducing, the newcomer’s platform of the Performing Arts Festival, will present nine productions this year that demonstrate how aesthetically and thematically diverse Berlin’s independent performing arts community is: from comedy to tragedy, political to poetic, from grand gestures to intimate studies. Discover the stars of tomorrow!

More about Introducing

Ancillary Programming in the Festival Center


In response to widespread demand, there is a festival center for the 2017 Berlin Performing Arts Festival. PAF will find a temporary home for six days in Alte Münze, in the heart of Berlin.

Three outposts also open their gates in three additional districts: Aquarium at Kottbusser Tor, Platzhaus on Helmholtzplatz and Allmende-Kontor, a community gardening project on Tempelhofer Feld.

More about the festival center and the outposts.

Local Neighborhood Theater: Discover New Favorite Places!

Many people have them, their favorite neighborhood or favorite performance venue. The Performing Arts Festival provides the opportunity to leave the familiar behind and make new acquaintances. One venue in each neighborhood will function as the host and invite neighboring venues to present their work in conversation with the audience and the other performance venues. More informations about your local neighborhood theater

FOKUS FUTUR – 1 Question, 5 Performances, 5 Encounters with Discussions and Movement

We have selected five performances over five days that provide some food for thought for the question: “How will we have lived?” We will form a temporary community that will immerse itself in the topics and artistic signatures of the individual performances, placing them in relation to its own worldview and lifestyle. 

More about Fokus Futur


Theater Scoutings Berlin: Conversations and Special Formats

Theater Scoutings Berlin offers discussions about selected productions as well as an extraordinary schedule of ancillary programming. Artists and audience members are invited to exchange with one another and have the opportunity to reflect upon the performances as well as to share their thoughts, impressions and questions with each other.

More about Theater Scoutings Berlin