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The 2017 Berlin Performing Arts Festival would not be possible without the Support of countless helpers.
We would like to thank all participants for sharing their thoughts!



Media Partners 2017

In particular, we would like to thank our media partners for cooperation. 



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Thank you very much to SPREEWERKSTÄTTEN for the opportunity to set up our festival center in Alte Münze. We also thank BR Hörspiel and Medienkunst for the collaboration. Special thanks for the friendly support of the publishing houses Rowohlt Theater Verlag and of Theater- und Medien Verlag schaefersphilippen.



We would like to thank Theaterscoutings Berlin and Tanzscout Berlin for the cooperation in "conversations and special formats".

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The Berlin Performing Arts Festival is organized by LAFT – Landesverband freie darstellende Künste Berlin e. V. in cooperation with the performance venues HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Sophiensæle, Ballhaus Ost and Theaterdiscounter.



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The Berlin Performing Arts Festival is funded by the State of Berlin - Senate Chancellery (Cultural Affairs) from funds of the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) within the program "Promoting the Innovation Potential in Culture II (INP II)".