Trips Through the Festival

“Hiking Trails” Through the Festival

Anyone looking to explore the festival’s schedule of programming on their own can take inspiration from our “hiking trails” to set out on their own and move through the programming based on thematic and geographic aspects. 
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Guided Tours Through the 2018 Performing Arts Festival

Members of Berlin’s independent performing arts community become guides during the festival who select their very own personal highlights from the broad array of festival programming and invite audience members to set off with them on a journey of discovery throughout the festival. 

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Theaterscoutings Berlin: Conversations and Special Formats

Theaterscoutings Berlin offers discussions about selected productions as well as an extraordinary schedule of ancillary programming. Artists and audience members are invited to exchange with one another and have the opportunity to reflect upon the performances as well as to share their thoughts, impressions and questions with each other. 

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WAS IST WAS (WHAT IS WHAT): A Journey Through the Genres

The range of performance forms within the performing arts is diverse. The festival’s schedule of programming presents work that ranges from spoken word theater to site-specific work.  But what exactly is hidden behind these terms? A trip with TANZSCOUT provides insight into the individual genres: music theater, performance, dance, spoken word theater and contemporary circus are on the itinerary and we will visit typical productions for each one.