Spend a Day at the Festival Accompanied by an Artist from Berlin’s Independent Performing Arts Community

Members of the independent performing arts community have put together their very own festival day from the schedule of programming and invite audience members to join them. Please note: admission to the various performances is included in the ticket price of the tours. The travel between the performance venues will be conducted on public transportation. Public transportation tickets are not included in the price. 



Guided Tours 2018

Guided Tour

TOUR 1: Good Versus Evil, Evil Versus Good or: Why Not Just Skip to the Happy Ending? (In German)

With Ludmila Skripkina (performer and actress) Wednesday, 6.06.2018, 14:1521:30, Duration ca. 435 Min.

A tour along borders and contradictions: The meeting place is in the garden of the Bootschafft. After a break to get to know each other, the tour continues to HAU 1 in Kreuzberg, on the trail of the US-American dance icon Isadora Duncan in the USSR. After that, Umanamente awaits in ACUD MACHT NEU (Studio) in Mitte with a performance ...

Guided Tour

TOUR 2: Appropriate Urban Space! (In German)

Guided tour with Ursula Maria Berzborn (director, performer, scenographer) Thursday, 7.06.2018, 15:4521:10, Duration ca. 325 Min.

The tour combines three very different artistic works in public space between Kreuzberg and Mitte. Layers of the city are revealed here and their social and specific architecture becomes a stage. A shared nightcap and reflection at Oblomov between Kreuzberg and Neukölln is not out of the question! Start: 3:45 pm Kunstquartier Bethanien, main entrance, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin

Guided Tour

TOUR 3: Experience beyond language (in English)

With Summer Banks (independent theatermaker and translator) Friday, 8.06.2018, 15:1521:00, Duration ca. 345 Min.

The motifs and materials in the works on this tour range from graffiti to forest creatures to 15th century writings on death – and the techniques used to turn them into performance are just as diverse. This tour features works with limited or English-language texts, and is guided in English - no German-language knowledge required! Start: 3:15 pm Hasenheide 9, ...

Guided Tour

TOUR 4: Where Do We Build Bridges? (In German)

Guided tour with Birte Flint (actress and performer) Friday, 8.06.2018, 17:0022:00, Duration ca. 300 Min.

A journey between boundless desire, self-made borders and the search for connection. The tour through the popular districts of the former East leads through a variety of topics including the world market for the surrogate motherhood business, the crisis of civilization and the relationship between the world of human beings and the world of things. Start: 4:45 pm in the ...

Guided Tour

TOUR 5: Hidden Stories – Between Desire and Reality (In German)

With Branka Pavlovic (film maker and video artist) Saturday, 9.06.2018, 15:1522:30, Duration ca. 435 Min.

The tour leads from Naples over New York and Japan to the everyday war situation in Syria. Worlds meet in a mixture of theater, film, video art and performance. How does one narrate one’s own and other realities? Where does the documentary end and the staged begin? Every station tells it own story. The tour as road movie with a ...

Guided Tour

TOUR 6: Underway in Queer Utopias (In German)

With Nuray Demir (artist and curator in the field of visual and performing/performative arts) Saturday, 9.06.2018, 15:4522:30, Duration ca. 405 Min.

In this tour, artist and curator Nuray Demir points out the different artistic and theoretical positions of utopian spaces. The futures of the Performing Arts Festival will be filtered out and read through the lens of queer resistance. Start: 3:45 pm in front of the entrance to ZUsammenKUNFT, Stresemannstrasse 95/97, Kreuzberg, 10963 Berlin

Guided Tour

TOUR 7: Innovation, I’ll Find You! (In German)

With France- Elena Damian (director) Sunday, 10.06.2018, 16:0021:30, Duration ca. 330 Min.

Looking for something new? With Innovation, I’ll Find You, director France-Elena Damian invites you to attend a tour through experimental formats, political discourses and societal questions. Themes including suicide, kidnapping and the magic of transformation are combined with the formal language of the sci-fi comedy, the performative montage and the choreographic herb garden. Start: 3:45 pm in front of Rossmann, ...