“Hiking Trails” Through the Festival

Whether you are a visitor to Berlin or a tourist in your own city: the schedule of programming of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival can be explored on a wide variety of routes. The following “hiking trails” suggest daily routes for exploring the multitude of productions, performance venues and topics on your own. 


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Hiking Trails 2018

Hiking Trail

ROUTE 1: Bodies – Music – Technology in Historic Spaces

Wednesday, 6.06.2018, 14:3022:30, Duration ca. 480 Min.

The focus of this hike is dealing with the body in a variety of tense situations. Music and dance, musician and dancer change roles, meet the audience as cyborgs who are invited to playfully upgrade body and mind. The trail leads through historic buildings: these include the Bootschafft, a new theater in Pankow housed in the landmark protected former Australian ...

Hiking Trail

ROUTE 2: Systems and Structures

Thursday, 7.06.2018, 15:0022:00, Duration ca. 420 Min.

The starting point is Kastanienallee in Prenzlauer Berg. From here, the route leads to a summery excursion to Müggelsee with a visit to Lake Studios (only 15 minutes with the S-Bahn) and then ends the evening in the urban atmosphere of Alexanderplatz at Theaterdiscounter. The productions visited deal in very different ways with historical events, (political) structures and systems and ...

Hiking Trail

ROUTE 3: Time Travel

Friday, 8.06.2018, 15:3022:00, Duration ca. 390 Min.

Travel through time with productions in the genres of performance and spoken word theater: Artes Moriendi is inspired by the writing of the same name from the 15th century and deals with the theme of dying. Both of the following productions are dedicated to recent German history. Opdakh invites the audience into the historically charged grounds of the former Jewish ...

Hiking Trail

ROUTE 4: Women and Conflicts

Saturday, 9.06.2018, 18:0021:50, Duration ca. 230 Min.

There are conflicts everywhere in the world at every moment. The spectrum ranges from large theaters of war to power struggles of the everyday to very individual struggles with one’s self. The productions on this tour exclusively present struggles and conflicts of women – large and small, with each other, with oneself or with their limits in the face of ...

Hiking Trail

ROUTE 5: All That’s Left To Do Is Dance!

Sunday, 10.06.2018, 12:0020:55, Duration ca. 535 Min.

More than ever, contemporary dance is negotiating the societal reality that surrounds it. And from time immemorial, crisis situations have forced human beings to dance on proverbial volcanoes. On the way from southern Kreuzberg through Mitte, the center of Berlin, to Prenzlauer Berg, different sides of the city can be seen, as well as the bandwidth of aesthetic signatures in ...