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Here you can find all informations about the persons behind the festival: the team, the initiators and the organizer LAFT Berlin.
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Background and History

The Berlin Performing Arts Festival celebrates the diversity of Berlin’s independent performing arts community at numerous theaters and performance venues throughout the entire city. Since 2016, this annual week-long festival has presented the work and artistic positions of Berlin’s performing artists and groups working in all genres. More about the Background and History

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Here you can find all informations about the support, media and cooperation partners of the 2018 Berlin Performing Arts Festival.
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PAF Campus


The PAF Campus will take place for the first time in 2019: students and faculty from a variety of Berlin’s universities are invited to discover the festival, it’s schedule of programming and the different performance locations together and for themselves with a specific campus schedule of programming.

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Bridging the Scenes

The Bulgarian performing arts festival ACT Independent Theater Festival (Sofia, Bulgarian) and the Berlin Performing Arts Festival are coming closer together!

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1:1 Conversations about Artistic Practice

For the format 1:1, PAF invites five dramaturgs to Berlin who will offer their knowledge, time and their interest in the artistic process in one-to-one discussions to artists from Berlin’s independent performing arts community. Submission deadline is May 4, 2019.

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Städtelabor (Cities Lab)

The festivals of the independent performing arts community, the Berlin Performing Arts Festival and the festivals Favoriten (Dortmund), Hauptsache Frei (Hamburg), 6 tage frei (Stuttgart), RODEO (Munich) and Implantieren festival (Frankfurt), are forging closer ties. 

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The five independent performing arts festivals RODEO (Munich), Hauptsache frei (Hamburg), FAVORITEN (Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia), 6 Tage frei (Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg) and the Berlin Performing Arts Festival will celebrate a shared festival for the first time

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We are growing larger and are looking for nice and interested people to augment the team of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival!
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Informations for Participating

LAFT Berlin invites all professional Berlin-based artists, groups and performance venues of the independent performing arts community to participate in shaping the schedule of programming by offering their productions and events as part of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival! More Information

The 2016 Berlin Performing Arts Festival

The Berlin Performing Arts Festival was held for the first time throughout the city from May 23 – 29, 2016. The festival presented the work and artistic positions of the independent performing arts community at over 50 Berlin performance venues and event locations.
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The 2017 Berlin Performing Arts Festival

We are looking back on some fantastic festival days: We are thrilled about the excellent and diverse schedule of programming, the numerous audience members and visiting industry professionals from more than 16 countries – and, frankly, about a great success! 
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The 2018 Berlin Performing Arts Festival

At more than 71 performance venues and event locations the PAF 2018 celebrated a third successful edition with over 140 artistic positions of the independent performing arts community!
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