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Save The World With This Melody (Bernadette La Hengst)

Opening Concert

My life is an overdraft,
a check that can never be cashed,
and death pays off the debts,
because then my life is gone.
And then I feel suddenly,
how the heart within my chest
screams: Smash everything to pieces!
just to write it all off.
Loss, loss, loss,
Loss, loss, lust, baby…

To kick off the festival, Bernadette La Hengst will blur a few boundaries: no one has ever been able to fit so much as a piece of paper between pop melodies and political text in her work. This remains precisely the case with her current album Save the World with this Melody: don’t be afraid of getting her songs stuck in your head, or of melancholy, pathos, clarity or cleverness. One song explores who a park bench belongs to and who not, another sings against climate change, another takes the desire for living precariously into consideration, another looks at optimism and still another examines the desire between lovers – or that of those who have fled their homelands? One way or another: say goodbye to lethargy! The world needs saviors!

Price: Eintritt frei
ca. Min.
Alte Münze: Festivalzentrum, Molkenmarkt 2, Mitte, 10179 Berlin


For all participants and guests of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival.
Part of the ancillary program conceived and developed by the Performing Arts Festival team.


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