Ancillary Programming
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Pop Quiz (Hendrik Quast und Maika Knoblich)

A special guest asks the questions, the audience answers.

After the beginning of the festival, the POP QUIZ will be held on four different nights. In the high schools of this world, a pop quiz is an unannounced test where the students spontaneously answer the questions the teachers ask them without any preparation.
In the festival center, the quiz transforms into a game: each night, at least one special guest is invited to bring the questions, which are more like categories: “Who saw someone over 60 on stage today?” Or: “How many people have seen performances that sequins played a role in?” The microphone is ready as soon as the question is asked. Visitors to the festival can take the mic and share their experiences with the audience, as an audience and bring together the events that have taken place all over the city.
This results in a collective, contradictory image of the festival and together, these POP QUIZ panoramas constitute the Galerie der Überfulle, or Gallery of Abundance.

In addition to the quiz questions and answers, a delicious midnight soup will also be offered each night in the small PAF café.

Special Guests: Hendrik Quast & Maika Knoblich

Price: Eintritt frei
ca. Min.
Alte Münze: Festivalzentrum, Molkenmarkt 2, Mitte, 10179 Berlin


For all participants and guests of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival.
Part of the ancillary program conceived and developed by the Performing Arts Festival team.


» Hendrik Quast und Maika Knoblich

Venue Info:

» Alte Münze: Festivalzentrum