Free Admission

Moving Curtain (Performing Arts Festival Team und Gäste)

A happening on Tempelhofer Feld.

There, where military parades were once held, where workers demonstrated, fascists held speeches and airplanes took off to fly over the Berlin Wall, are now community gardens. And this is where we will build. We will build a gigantic theatrical curtain. All helpers are welcome – the more hands, the bigger the curtain. We will then place it on the runway and put it in motion. The curtain will be opened at 6:00 pm and will transform the airfield into a stage for a few hours.

Price: Eintritt frei
ca. Min.
Allmende-Kontor: Die Festival-Dependance in Neukölln, Tempelhofer Feld, Neukölln, 12049 Berlin


For all participants and guests of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival.
Part of the ancillary program conceived and developed by the Performing Arts Festival team.


» Performing Arts Festival Team und Gäste

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» Allmende-Kontor: Die Festival-Dependance in Neukölln