Suitable for international audience

K77 Factory (Meltem Nil, Marissa Niederhauser, Gosia Malgorzata, Etoile Chaville und Julian Datta, Laressa Dickey, Sven Seeger, Simon Rose, Nicola Metzger, Liz Erber, u.a.)

Wandering Artists' Café

The K77 Factory is a site-specific performance work, consisting of numerous smaller works. The unique and multi-faceted K77 House Project land, buildings and courtyards serve as the stage and inspiration for new works from international and local artists. The audience is guided through the spaces, where they encounter a variety of performance events/ moments (3 minutes), as well as, longer pieces (up to 15 minutes). Unfolding from all directions and at different levels in space, the performances are at times directly in front of the viewer, or sometimes seen from afar, above, or below.

Price: 9 €, ermäßigt 5 € (ggf. zzgl. VVK Gebühr)
ca. 75 Min.
K77 Studio, Kastanienallee 77, H.H, 3. O.G., Mitte, 10435 Berlin


Artistic Direction: Liz Erber
Managager: Gosia Malgorzata

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