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FRAGILE MATTER (Dizzy Moon, Keegan Luttrell, Henna-Elise Ventovirta, Phyla)

Installationen, performance and music by PAUL

“FRAGILE MATTER” presents the following work simultaneously over the course of the evening:

Minimal Improvisation
Minimal Improvisation is a form of collective improvisation in sound and movement. Minimal Improvisation balances individuality, spontaneity and choice - characteristics of contemporary improvisation in music and dance - with principles of Minimal Music like repetition and gradual change.
Focusing on processes of negotiation and cooperation, we bring to the stage qualities like receptivity, mutual sensitivity, consensus and dynamics of collective interaction. Within a tranquil process, structures emerge from interaction and may dissolve again, or gain momentum and lead to a dynamic flow of activity.

Seamstress is a performance installation piece which invites audience members to participate in creating a collaborative garment clothing the subject. Seamstress confronts the question of what it means to be vulnerable and how vulnerability can become a shared experience.

Talkt to me
This site-specific performance is inquiring into the borders of human vulnerability and reaction. What is it that makes us indifferent to suffering and fragility? Why do we watch away when we see something that crashes with our ideas of perfect happy life? The solo is a social experiment to test and see how passing people are reacting to a body lying on the ground in an urban space. The solo is asking what is the responsibility of the passer by, of the fellow human.

Secrets under the banyan tree (concert, 6pm)

One cello & one voice. Dizzy Moon is a singular project that proposes an extremely sensitive combination, where the richness of the cello sounds mingle with Maryse Guédon's limpid and ethereal voice and bring a beautiful and intimate music. With songs mostly in English—sometimes in French—one lets oneself get carried away by the smooth and airy unity with folk and indie influencies. A rooted blues also tinkles & reveals our own feelings.

Price: 9 €, ermäßigt 5 € (ggf. zzgl. VVK Gebühr)
This production is performed primarily without language and may require knowledge of English. 4 different components which take place at the same time. Installation performance. The audience can walk around between the components or will be guided.
ca. 180 Min.
PAUL studios, Ziegrastr. 13, Neukölln, 12057 Berlin


Minimal Improvisation:
Voice, Performer: Jennie Zimmermann
Performer, Ukulele: Vincenz Kokst
Voice, Guitare: Gisbert Schürig

Performance Artist: Keegan Luttrell

Talk to me:
Performance and Concept: Henna-Elise Ventovirta

Secrets under the banyan tree:
Songwriter, Composer: Maryse Guédon


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