Spoken Word Theater

Die vielleicht Geeigneten (Ensemble "Die vielleicht Geeigneten")

Adapted from the novel The Plan to Get Rid of Darkness by Peter Høeg

An authoritarian elite school as a metaphor for closed systems – absolute values, banned thoughts, violence. Peter Hoeg’s novel The Plan to Get Rid of Darkness tells the story of the rebellion of three young orphans and is simultaneously a highly philosophical reflection on the nature of time.

Price: 16 €, ermäßigt 12 € (ggf. zzgl. VVK Gebühr)
ca. 100 Min.
Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Wallstr. 32, Mitte, 10179 Berlin
Wheelchair accessible (Information provided by the organisers.)


Direction and Text: Susanne Stern
Set Design and Lighting Design: Florian Guist
Dramaturg: Robert Wagner
Cast: Robert Farin, Vivien Andrée, Christian Kohlhofer

Funded by Eigenreich e. V.
With generous support from the Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Berliner Zeitungsdruck, Black Box Music.
With kind permission by Hanser Verlag.