Open submissions for the 2019 festival

Each year, the Berlin Performing Arts Festival presents the works created and artistic positions of the independent performing arts community to the city in a shared festival. This is only possible through the participation of the independent performing arts community; the performance venues, groups, collectives and artists.

The goal is make the diversity, quality and vitality of Berlin’s independent performing arts community to a broad audience and offer a place with the Performing Arts Festival in which the aesthetic, content-based and structural developments of the community can be discussed. Berlin-based artists and guests from outside of the city are invited to enter into exchanges during the days of the festival (and far beyond), make connections and celebrate the independent performing arts community together.

The next edition of the festival will take place from May 28 to June 2, 2019.

Open Call

All professional performance venues and event location within Berlin’s independent performing arts community can participate in the creation of the schedule of programming within the framework of the Open Submission section of the festival with productions and events created by Berlin-based artists, artist collectives and groups. The performance venues and event locations agree to independently ensure their participation in the festival in regard to organizational, financial and technical issues. Artists, artist collectives and artist groups who would like to present site-specific work or productions that take place in public space should contact the festival team directly. Initiatives for ideas that go beyond the notion of production locations and performance venues should also contact the festival team directly.


In order for the PAF schedule of programming to reflect the quality and special nature of Berlin’s independent performing arts community, we ask you to please submit productions and event that are indicative of this and which, in your eyes, are especially worth presenting. All productions submitted must have been created by professional members of Berlin’s independent performing arts community. Unfortunately, work created by students cannot be considered for presentation in the festival. We ask artists applying with their first works to please submit their work to the Introducing… format of the festival.

The festival team supports the community in the implementation of the Performing Arts Festival and works toward mutual PR work and the promotion of the festival in a local, nationwide and international context. In addition, it develops series of programs, discursive conversation format as well as parties and additional moments of togetherness.

You can find more information about all of this in the FAQs. Please use this PDF form to submit productions and contributions to the schedule of programming.


If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the Performing Arts Festival team.

Open submissions: Sarah Israel