Tickets & Discounts



Advance Sales and Discounts

Tickets for nearly all of the events at the 2018 Berlin Performing Arts Festival can be booked online at our festival homepage. You will find the ticket links and prices for the respective events in the schedule of programming. The advance sales online are offered various discounts.

Early Bird Discounts from April 23 - May 13:
An early bird discount of 10% off all tickets purchased at our festival homepage is available from April 23 - May 13, 2018. The prices of the early bird tickets already reflect this discount.

Volume Discount:
A discount of 10% off the ticket price is provided when purchasing 3-5 tickets.
A discount of 15 % off the ticket price is provided when purchasing 6-8 tickets.
A discount of 20% off the ticket price is provided when 9 tickets or more are purchased.
The volume discount is calculated once the tickets have been added to the shopping cart.


Tickets at Reduced Prices

Discounted tickets are available for professionals, students, trainees, university students, the retired, the unemployed, those conducting a voluntary social year (FSJ), active members of the German Federal Volunteers Service, the severely disabled and their necessary companion, recipients of benets from the Asylum Seekers Bene t Act upon presentation of a corresponding identication or verication. Valid veri cation for those working within the theater sector are member IDs from LAFT, the state association for the independent performing arts community, as well as business cards from theaters and theatrical institutions (of cal German Bühnenausweise). 






Reservations for all events are only possible directly via the respective performance venue/group. Specific information regarding this is also found in the description of the respective events in the schedule of programming.


We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the ticketing and the festival discount system via email at tickets(at)
Telephone: Telefon: +49 (0)30 / 93918275

Please bear in mind that we cannot process any individual ticket orders or requests via this email address.

Tickets for Industry Professionals

Confirmed accreditation allows you to participate in the events for visiting, but does not automatically allow you to attend the performances. In order to attend any performance within the schedule of programming, additional tickets must either be purchased in advance or at the box office of the respective performance venue. Successful accreditation does allow visiting industry professionals to purchase tickets to the performances in advance at a discounted price. Tickets that have been purchased in advance at a discounted price can only be used when presenting a corresponding visiting industry professional ID. The visiting industry professional ID can be picked up from the information booth in the festival center upon successful accreditation. More informations