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Workshop (Artist Lecture) (Nadja Buttendorf)

artist presentation on June 7, 2018: Cyborgs and body enhancement are typically male dominated topics (Terminator etc.). In the contrary the female connoted beauty industry is also highly technologically developed. Body and technology are already closely interconnected. Bringing together these topics in FUN. Do computers have a crush on pink? (DE) Workshop: #HotPhones - high-tech self-care: In this workshop you learn how to get your phone hotter than you, because a #hotphone helps to release and relax your tightened muscles. The #hotphone massage is a relaxing and deeply soothing form of massage. It's a helpful tool you can easily integrate in your daily life. It makes you fit again and activates new energy for you and your smartphone. (EN)
The Adventures of WH - Kapitel 1: Diskriminator" (June 8, 2018), which deals with socialist microchip design, archive handling and personal competition within the post gender micro electronic universe. In collaboration with Anne Baumann, they look at Buttendorf's step grandfather and physicists Werner Hartmann (1912-1988), who is known to be the founder of microelectronics in GDR.

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ca. 120 Min.
ca. 120 Min.
PANKE culture - Festival-Dependance im Wedding, Gerichtstraße 23, Wedding, 13347 Berlin


Mit: Nadja Buttendorf


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» PANKE culture - Festival-Dependance im Wedding