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Sisyphus In Violent Torment (Jahman Davine)

Jahman Davine stands in front of a large white projection screen As in a dream, when one cries out for help, Davine is only able to communicate in nonsensical muted whimpers. In the beginning, much like the format of a TED talk, the screen visually supports Davine’s somewhat desperate attempts at communicating with the audience. He is trying to share information about the absurd history of the voyager program, two real space probes sent by NASA to explore interstellar space, both of which carry with them a 12-inch golden phonograph record that contains pictures and sounds of Earth. However, This relationship between Davine and the screen is quickly infected by an intensely chaotic audio/visual design, flickering images and atonal music.

Price: 15 €, ermäßigt 10 € (ggf. zzgl. VVK Gebühr)
Die Vorstellung ist nicht barrierefrei zugänglich.
ca. 120 Min.
Acker Stadt Palast, Ackerstraße 169, Mitte, 10115 Berlin


By & with: Jahman Davine
Dramaturgy: Laura Cancellieri
Sound Design: Andrew Stark
Video Art: Alexander Windner Lieberman
Original Music: ODD + Andrew Stark
Videographer: Seán Gallen
Associate Choreographer: Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen
Makeup: Annalena Schumacher
Visiting Dramaturge: Michelle Myers

Supported by Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin


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