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New Tools and Offers for the Performing Arts (Bahareh Sharifi (Diversity Arts Culture - Berliner Projektbüro für Diversitätsentwicklung), Cordula Kehr (Diversity Arts Culture - Berliner Projektbüro für Diversitätsentwicklung), Sönke Schneidewind (Kulturbeauftragter, Leiter Kulturabteilung, Visit Berlin), Kate Brehme (Kuratorin und Kunstvermittlerin, Berlinklusion), Felix Koch (Distribution und Marketing, Performing Arts Programm Berlin), Johanna Bauer (Distribution und Marketing, Performing Arts Programm Berlin), Peggy Mädler (Archiv des Freien Theaters))

Be it diversity, achieving an overview or documentation, archiving or accessibility, Berlin’s independent performing arts community has professionalized its offers in order to meet the administrative and structural needs of a contemporary arts organization.Five new offers for providing artistic support will be presented:

Diversity Arts Culture was founded to initiate and support a diversity-oriented structural change in Berlin’s cultural sector. One of the tasks of the project office is to advise cultural institutions and cultural administrations regarding questions of diversity. The project office develops antidiscrimination and further education workshops for culture makers as well as empowerment offers for marginalized artists. In addition, it publishes equality data for the cultural sector. Diversity Arts Culture is a project of Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH and is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

In 2008, visitBerlin and the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe started the visitor research project "KulMon" - the "establisment and testing of a customer monitoring system in Berlin's cultural institutions" together with seven cultural institutions in Berlin. Today, some 30 institutions in Berlin and 10 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern take part. The results are provided on an online platform. The survey period and numbers are adjusted for every institution. It is possible to start flexibly; approximately 6 weeks are needed in advance for coordination and survey programming. There are core questions that should remain identical amongst all institutions for comparative purposes, otherwise questions in the survey can flexibly remain, be removed or adjusted for individual institutions. Each institution also has the opportunity to add individual questions.

Since 2017, Berlin has worked toward the conceptualization of a Berlin archive of independent theater whose focus initially rests on the development of a digital archiving process for current and future artistic work with the idea of accessibility for communication, research and artistic work. This Berlin archive is part of the nationwide initiation Archive des Freien Theaters – Performing the Archive which has pursued the establishment of a contemporary and vibrant archive of independent theater in 2014 that will be created from the actions of community members and artists under the heading “performing the archive”. The project is developed in a decentralized manner over the course of specific projects in individual German federal states and should ultimately be coordinated and merged on the national level via a narrowly dimensioned administrative center.

Berlinklusion is Berlin’s network for accessibility in art and culture and was founded by a group of artists, curators, educators, communicators and supporters with and without disabilities who want to make Berlin's vital art communities more accessible to a broader audience. It connects a variety of people from the areas of accessibility and inclusion with artistic institutions, individuals and associations. It develops creative, practical and communicative workshops or tours for visitors to museums and galleries, art institutions, artists and a wide variety of groups. In addition, it conceptualizes and realizes creative projects of varying sizes that distinguish inclusion and accessibility.

Beginning in 2018, the Berlin Performing Arts Guide online portal offers a comprehensive overview of Berlin’s independent performing arts community and access to it. It attracts attention to the members and offers of the independent performing arts community, serves as a specific orientation tool and helps industry professionals to achieve an overview as they move through the heterogeneous structure of Berlin’s independent performing arts community. In doing so, structures and initiatives, festivals and industry events as well as performance venues are presented.
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