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Mongoflipper (MariaKron)

The disabled actor Bernd is rehearsing a contemporary social drama with a city theater ensemble. In it, he plays the role of the young, disabled Pascal. Bernd does not live up to the clichéd expectations his colleagues have of him. The situation increasingly escalates and emphatic theater-makers become in a short time "raging petit bourgeoisie". 

Price: 12 €, ermäßigt 8 € (ggf. zzgl. VVK Gebühr)
ca. 60 Min.
Theaterdiscounter, Klosterstr. 44, Mitte, 10179 Berlin
BVG: U-Klosterstraße or S+U Alexanderplatz and U+S Jannowitzbrücke + 5 minutes by foot. Unfortunately, we can only accept payments in cash. Note on accessibility: we ask our guests to contact us in advance to clarify any questions of accessibility.
Wheelchair accessible (Information provided by the organisers.)


Direction & Text: Cornelius Schwalm
Dramaturgy & Text-Assistance: Sophie Nikolitsch und Ensemble
Stage: Hovi-M
Costume: Andrea Göttert
Acting: Silvina Buchbauer, Jörg Kleemann, Mareile Metzner, Matthias Rheinheimer, Stephan Thiel, Verena Unbehaun

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