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"House of Killing" and how to absorb the ontological uncertainty of Jennifer Aniston come with anarchist art collective and co-creator of Jennifer Aniston Superfans: "House of Killing" on a philosophical inquiry on what Jennifer Aniston and other referential data can bring to the production of the posthuman experience, and consequently: the increasingly irrelevant art of Esben Holk. "House of Killing" is a house that kills. It is an undefined flexible anarchist queer collective, put into this world to kill ideas, structures, dreams and realities, in order to promote a generation of undefined flexible queer youth able and willing to do whatever the fuck they want."House of Killing" feat Esben Holk is an avid online entity: a posthuman queer artist working in browserbased experiences, performative strategies and creative coding. Concerned with the absence of ontological density and anti-essentialist epistemology in current ideology, he approaches the agility of proposed productions of enforced entities, like: the queer, the citizen and the worker. Vehemently xenofeminist and anti naturalist, the artist manifests work as part of a grand online performance celebrating the internet, and its ability to subvert and overthrow the established world order.

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ca. 120 Min.
PANKE culture - Festival-Dependance im Wedding, Gerichtstraße 23, Wedding, 13347 Berlin


Mit: Esben Holk


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» PANKE culture - Festival-Dependance im Wedding