Unfinished Fridays Performance Evening (Gali Kinkulkin, Marcela Giesche und Monica Gentile, BRUNO SENUNE & FLAVIO RODRIGUES, ANNUKKA HIRVONEN & MARTINA GARBELLI, Alexandria Panetta, Vasanthi Argouin, Clare Schweitzer)

“Lonely” is fulfilled with two figures that surround and patrol each other, around of a possible support and a catastrophic fall. They hug each other over the fear of an ending. They built small dances towards a world oblivion. They devise rituals that they never claim, evoke or celebrate whatever that is. They fight for waiver and for failure: the failure of a barely free body, the liberty of creation.

Two women. A space. The wind. A dialogue.
How do these elements coexist and how do they influence each other?
The wind with its dynamics was the starting point for our movement research and became a metaphor for what moves or prevents us from moving in our lives.

“Composing Flow“ (work in progress title)
This work discovers the choreographic potential of film when it is applied to the dancing body and the effectiveness of the camera, as a compositional tool, to capture movement produced through improvisation. Within the work technology is utilized as a choreographic tool to extend improvisation into choreography and technology as a partner to the dancer. Images are projected on different objects or fabrics to alter and transform choreography through film and dance, as a method of inscribing flow into movement.

Clare Schweitzer
A Screendance work that concerns the histories and constructions of the body as it goes further into an era where we willingly submit our lives to a network of screens. The film explores new conceptions of lived reality and the altered means of communication that result. The work frames human interaction and examines the changing nature of human contact in the technological age. Clare draws upon both the community of artists at Lake Studios as well as the myriad of communities in Berlin in order to examine how each community is constructed and maintained within a rapidly changing global culture.

Vasanthi Argouin
Twenty five people record themselves speaking for approximately ten minutes. The content of each recording consists of specific or vague instructions, the telling of an event, an anecdote, a poem, or a random ramble.
The twenty five recordings are transcribed and edited to build a story, or logical meaning, using extracts from every one of these individual recordings. The phrases that have been linked into one soundtrack are transcribed into paintings which are then sourced for the choreographed score.

Preis: 5-15 €
ca. 105 Min.
Lake Studios Berlin, Scharnweberstr. 27, 12587 Berlin


Lake Studios Berlin
Team: Marcela Giesche, Gali Kinkulkin

"Lonley": Bruno Senune & Flavio Rodrigues
"LIVEN": Annuka Hirvonen and Martina Garbelli
“Composing Flow“ (work in progress title): Alexandria Panetta


» Gali Kinkulkin, Marcela Giesche und Monica Gentile



» Alexandria Panetta

» Vasanthi Argouin

» Clare Schweitzer

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» Lake Studios Berlin